Цветовая схема


Technical animal fat, used for the production of soap, detergents and cosmetics, glycerin, candles, lubricants, etc. corresponding to organoleptic, physico-chemical and bacteriological indicators GOST 1045 - 73 grade 3

Results of the study of animal fat of technical Gomel Protein-Fat-and-Oil Plant OJSC


Metric name Characteristic and norm for technical animal fat
Standard Fact
3rd grade
Color at a temperature of 15-20 0 C. Matt white to dark brown Brown
Smell No smell of gasoline allowed Specific
Mass fraction of moisture in% no more 1.5 0.47
Mass fraction of substances insoluble in ether in% no more 2.0 0.48
The pour point of fatty acids 0 C, not lower not standardized
Acid number% not standardized
Mass fraction of unsaponifiable substances in% no more 1.25 0.6