Цветовая схема

The collection and processing of animal waste is part of the measures necessary for the environmental and biological safety of the country.

Our company specializes in the collection and processing of raw materials of animal origin, from which feed additives for farm animals will subsequently be made. We are engaged in the technical processing of fats in the amount of 15,000 tons of raw materials annually. Animal fats are processed on modern equipment with industrial wastewater and exhaust air treatment systems, subject to all technical conditions.

Gomel protein-fat factory sells feed additives for animals in bulk for large enterprises and in small batches for farms.

The supply of animal waste approved by the veterinary service for processing is carried out on a contractual basis. Our company supplies clean containers, which are installed at the collection points of raw materials of suppliers, equipped in accordance with applicable veterinary and sanitary rules. The containers loaded with raw materials are exported by our own specialized transport. At the same time, the supplier provides for each shipped consignment a veterinary certificate in form 3, a bill of lading and an accompanying passport for the transportation of production waste. The raw materials delivered to the enterprise are unloaded in troughs in the raw materials reception hall. After unloading, containers and vehicles are washed and sanitized.