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* - Lumps can be pressed through a sieve.

The content of radionuclides in fodder meat and bone meal should not exceed the "Republican acceptable levels of cesium-137 and strontium-90 in agricultural raw materials and feed", approved by the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of the Republic Belarus

Packaging: 45 kg bags.

Shelf life: 6 months from the date of manufacture in accordance with storage conditions.

** The price of products is available at the request of the buyer

Products are made from non-food raw materials obtained from the processing of all types of slaughter cattle, poultry, mink and in the production of food, technical and special products at meat plants and poultry farms of the Republic of Belarus.


Metric name Characteristic and norm for meat and bone meal
1 grade
Standard Fact
Mass fraction of crude protein, %, no less than 50 50.0
Grinding size:
- remainder of particles, %, not more than, on a sieve with a hole diameter:
  • 3 mm
  • 5 mm

  • 3
  • not allowed
Presence of metallomagnetic impurity, mg/kg, no more 150 116.0
Mass fraction of moisture, %, no more 9 4,2
Mass fraction of crude fat, %, no more 13 12.7
Mass fraction of crude ash, %, no more 26 24.2
Total bacterial contamination, CFU in 1 g of flour, no more

no more than 5 * 105

Presence of pathogenic microflora Optional missing
Toxicity Optional missing
Appearance The product is loose, without dense non-crumbling I'm pushing lumps
Smell Specific, without the musty, mold and other extraneous odors