Цветовая схема

Animal feed fats are obtained from non-food raw materials. They are intended for the production of animal feed, feeding animals and birds. The high biological value of animal feed fats determines their particular value in the feed chain for livestock and poultry.

The main source of energy in mixed feeds is cereals and other plant foods, which do not always satisfy the need of highly productive animals and poultry for metabolic energy and fatty acids. Therefore, fats and oils containing various fatty acids are introduced into complete feeds as an additional energy source.

High-quality animal feed fats are a good alternative to vegetable oils. Gomel protein-fat factory offers customers to buy high-quality animal fat without intermediaries directly from the manufacturer. The technological process for the production of animal feed fat has been built in strict accordance with GOST 17483 72.

The use of animal feed fat as part of animal feed improves the weight gain of animals, resulting in a reduction in the cost of their production.